Saturday, December 5, 2015

Onomichi Ramen at Fukuyama RA, Japan

Onomichi ramen is a local noodle soup dish in Onomichi city (Hiroshima pref., Japan). There are many Onomichi ramen shop in Onomichi and cities of east part of Hiroshima pref., and Fukuyama Rest Area of Sanyo Expressway is a attractive one for car drivers.

One of the characteristics of Onomichi ramen is a soup, which is extracted from fish of Seto Inland Sea and flavored with soy source. Noodles are almost straight and slightly flat. The topping are sliced pork (largest topping in the photo), small pieces of lard, Japanese bunching onion slices (green ones), and memmas (long ones).

Two hundred eighty thousand of Onomichi ramen dishes are eaten at Fukuyama Rest Area.

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